About Us

About Wisear

Wisear develops a solution that allows audio manufacturers to transform their true wireless earphones into brain recording devices.

Our Story:

Wisear is a young DeepTech start-up. Over our first two years of existence we secured a first deal with a large device maker, developed the first neuronal activity detection algorithms that can sit in any earphones and secured fundings to grow the team.
We’ve now reached a point where we can start selling our tech and we need to scale our business development team to do so.

Our Vision

Today we are able to record brain electrical activity - called electroencephalogram or EEG - using electrodes placed on the scalp. The extent of the potential use cases is massive (medical diagnosis, brain performance enhancement, relaxation coaching, etc.). But the size and looks of current devices prevents their usage by the public on a daily basis, as would be necessary to unlock the most promising use cases.

Wisear builds the first ear-EEG data processing solution for earphones manufacturers, along with accompanying them to turn their earphones into brain recording devices. The first use cases we cover allow people to control their devices using their brain and facial muscle activity. We are convinced that in the near future, ear-EEG will be a key technology for early diagnosis and treatment monitoring of brain pathologies (e.g. epilepsy, ADHD, depression, Parkinson’s, etc.).