Wisear is hiring!


  • Our Story:

Wisear is a DeepTech company that is committed to building the future of human-computer interface with neural interface. We believe that the way we interact with technology can be more intuitive, more private, and more accessible. Our goal is to make technology a natural extension of ourselves, empowering people to do more and be more.

We are proud to announce that we have secured significant funding, enabling us to take our vision to the next level. With this support, we have successfully built our first prototype equipped with neural-interface technology, which has received widespread recognition and accolades, including being named the CES '23 Best of Innovation Honoree and receiving the AcCESsability Award.

  • Our Vision

Over the past 30 years, we have expanded our human capabilities through digitalization.  This has made us more productive but our interfaces to interact with them haven’t kept up. Keyboards and mice, 30 years old inventions, have remained the standard & voice is still slow & not private.

With wearables becoming universal (e.g.: earphones, smart watches…) and the advent of AR/VR, our digital capabilities are poised to expand even faster and be even more integrated in our daily lives. We need to rethink how we interface with the digital world.

This is the problem we are solving at Wisear. We build the next-generation of human-machine interface. We record and analyze bioelectrical activity coming from the user's eyes (ElectroOculography), facial muscle (ElectroMyography) & brain (ElectroEncephalography) to transform it into high-speed, hands-free, silent & accessible controls.

Job Description

You will join the team as a Data Scientist, to design and implement Machine Learning and Signal Processing algorithms in order to create or improve the different solutions developed by Wisear. Your main tasks will include :

• Review scientific literature
• Design and run recordings on subjects in order to collect labeled data
• Design and implement artificial intelligence algorithms based on EMG, EOG and EEG data
• Collaborate with academic partners

Preferred Experience

We are looking for a highly motivated engineering student with strong knowledge and skills in the following areas :

• Machine Learning and Deep Learning
• Digital Signal Processing
• Python
• Coding best practices and tooling (e.g. git)
• English at a conversational level

Considering that the company is at a rather early stage, each team member will have a strong impact on the project. We are looking for a teammate who demonstrates drive and autonomy, and shares our genuine curiosity for human-machine interfaces.

Additional Information

  • Contract Type: Internship
  • Location: Paris
  • Occasional remote authorized
  • Salary: 1200€ / month